Foods you should eat in Chile before your holiday is over

Chile. The one destination that everyone should go to. And, those that have been there will know that there are a large variety of food that you need to try before you are going back home. Foods that you might not be able to pronounce, but you will be surprised about how it really is going to taste. Chile is known for their great food and cuisine that they have. These are some of the food and dishes that you just should try before your holiday is over and you need to go back home:

Erizos del Mar

One of the seafood dishes that you need to try when you are on holiday in Chile is Erizos del Mar. This might sound strange, but this is one of the most delicious seafood that you will eat in Chile.

This is a dish with Razor clams covered with parmesan and crap pies. There are many varieties of this dish and you will see that every seafood restaurant have its own way of preparing this dish. If you aren’t a fan of this dish, there are many other seafood dishes that you should just try before you are going home again.

Sopa Patagonica

The Sopa Patagonica is another seafood dish, however there is some other meat in as well. This is a great combination of seafood and red meat that you can get in different islands around Chile.

The dish includes things like pork meat is mixed with seafood, such as shrimp and mussels, and Chilean potatoes that is cooked and prepare as a soup. This is a dish that people that love pork meat and seafood should try. You will not regret this meal for one second and might even consider order more.

Mote con huesillo

Mote con huesillo is a mixture between a drink and food. You will see many people on the streets eating something that looks like a drink, but with some whole food added. This is known as a Mote con huesillo.

This is actually a non-alcoholic dessert drink that you can eat(drink) on a hot summer day in Chile. The stuff that you see in the drink is just sliced peaches that are lying in syrup with wheat, water, and sugar. You will be surprised about how great this tastes and understand why so many people are drinking this dessert.

There are many surprising things that you will see when you are visiting Chile. And, there are many foods that you should just try before your holiday is over. Many people are afraid to try the foods, because of the strange names, but this is basic ingredients that are just prepared in different ways. There are many different foods that you need to try when visiting Chile. These are just the top foods that everyone is eating in Chile.